What's on the menu?

Supply varies by day

Keep in mind, there may be items in-store that are not listed here. The items listed below are what are most likely to be seen on a day-to-day basis.

Different cookies offered at the bakery.
Assortment of regular cookies marked by name.


$3 for 1, $16 for 6, and $33 for 13


-Butter Pecan

-Chocolate Chip (Regular or Oatmeal)


Batch of red velvet brownie cookies.
Fresh Red Velvet Brownie gourmet cookies.

Gourmet Cookies 

$4.25 for 1, $22.50 for 6, and $46 for 13

-Red Velvet (Cream Cheese or Brownie)

-Lemon Blueberry

-Strawberry Shortcake


-Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie

Glazed and cinnamon sugar donuts.
A dozen Glazed and Cinnamon Sugar Donuts.


$1 for 1, $6 for 6, $12 for 12

Regular Donuts:

-Glazed (Regular, Sprinkles, or Coconut)

Cake Donuts:


-Chocolate Glazed

-Cinnamon Sugar

-Hot Cocoa

Three-layer cake with chocolate and vanilla.
Moist Tres Leches Cake with differing layers.


$5 per slice, ordered cake prices vary by size (for catering, visit the Catering tab)


-Tres Leche

-Strawberry Cheesecake

-Blueberry Cheesecake

A tray of strawberry pastries in a pinwheel shape.
Strawberry Pastries topped with icing and sliced strawberries.


$3 for 1, $16 for 6, $33 for 13

-Strawberry Cream Cheese


-Blueberry Cream Cheese



The beverage area.
Complimentary coffee available with any order! Add creamer and sugar at no cost.

Drinks and Other

-Coffee: Free with order or $1.50 alone

-Mexican Hot Chocolate: $1.99

-Jarritos: $1.99

-Bottled Water: $0.75

 Interested in catering? Call 618-759-9016 for more information. All event catering must be planned at least two weeks in advance. More information can be found under the Catering tab.